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No Travel Ban for Ebola, Please

Dear Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Christie: please read this and reconsider your recent policy decisions.

by Christopher Heiser on October 26 17:36

Why Jacques Villeneuve is so Great

This article.

by Christopher Heiser on October 17 15:26

Yes. Yes!

by Christopher Heiser on August 25 03:10

103 Folds


by Christopher Heiser on July 20 03:16


by Christopher Heiser on June 16 02:57

How We Got Here

Bruce Schneier has a short, simple, and important essay on how our government has conflated the concepts of espionage and surveillance which has in part led to the massive overreach in illegal collection of data on US citizens. Moreover, it gives us a clear direction to take to fix the problem: put the job of surveillance under the FBI and treat it accordingly with our open justice system.

by Christopher Heiser on May 18 04:42

Harold Ramis, RIP

Harold Ramis has died.

Thanks for helping write, produce, and act in some of my all-time favorite movies. You brought brilliant wit and humor into our lives, and for that we're deeply in your debt.

by Christopher Heiser on February 25 15:12

On Addiction

Addiction is when you do the thing you really, really most don’t want to be doing.

- Attributed to Philip Seymour Hoffman

by Christopher Heiser on February 25 15:07


These WWII factory photographs are definitely staged and well-lit, but their quality and color are truly amazing. Thanks to Matt for the link.

by Christopher Heiser on January 22 15:42

New Knee Ligament Found?

How is it even possible to have missed one of the human knee ligaments for so long? Amazing.

by Christopher Heiser on January 6 00:26

Sci-Fi Ship Size Comparison

From last year, but totally worth it. Which is bigger, the a Star Destroyer or the Borg Cube? All this and more is answered with this fantastic image.

by Christopher Heiser on January 6 00:32

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