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Unbelievable, Shameful Austrian Grand Prix

Viewers of the Formula One Austrian Grand Prix this Sunday witnessed quite a spectacle: an eventful race with much action, intrigue, suspense, and ultimately disgust. There were many passes and two full-course yellows complete with the safety car. The first was for an engine failure that left BAR driver Olivier Panis stranded on the main straight. The second caution came when Nick Heidfeld's front left brake disc exploded going into a corner at close to 190 MPH. He spun to the right, launched over a burm, flew right across the nose of Williams driver Juan Montoya . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on May 13 13:48

The Truth About Jar-Jar Binks

This is a pretty clever send-up of George Lucas' plans for everyone's favorite Star Wars character.

by Christopher Heiser on May 13 11:59
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