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Carnivore on the Loose

Matt Leach sent a pointer to a story regarding more FBI bungling involving the controversial Carnivor e-mail spying program. Good to see that the Feds are on top of this one.

by Christopher Heiser on May 30 14:24

Face Recognition Software a Sham in Practice, Too

Rafe has a nice post that bears out predictions that face recognition softare is fairly useless in preventing terrorism. Score one for Schneier.

by Christopher Heiser on May 30 14:16

Alaska Vacation Recap

I've toyed with the idea of posting a journal-style entry on this site that details my trip to Alaska with my girlfriend, Sandi. But I think that this would push my forum from self-involved political and technology wrangling right over the line to a frustrated diary. So, instead, I've decided to simply list the places and things we did with some appropriate links to flesh them out. I wholeheartedly recommend an Alaskan vacation to anyone with even the slightest appreciation for wildlife and scenery. Our timing was perfect, as we saw 70 degree days and . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on May 30 11:55
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