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New Carmack Game Looks Amazing

The latest game show expo has seen more information come out of ID Software regarding the impending 2003 release of Doom III, the next generation 3D shooter from graphics god John Carmack. The screenshots look nothing short of incredible and perusing the Internet for videos of the gameplay has confirmed that this represents a massive jump in performance and realism. The game looks scary as hell, too. The focus of this particular game is single-player, hence the return to the 'Doom' title instead of the next iteration of Quake.

I am excited about this game.

by Christopher Heiser on June 3 09:58

Underwater Monoliths Spark Imagination

A recent story that isn't getting much play is the incredible discovery of underwater monoliths off the coast of Cuba. Speculations abound, and naturally the scientific community is waiting for some kind of definitive research before saying anything like 'underwater city' or, horrors, 'Atlantis'. But it sounds pretty exciting.

by Christopher Heiser on June 3 09:40
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