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Great Formula One Technology Resource is a site packed with technical information about modern Formula One cars. Some of the data they have is a bit of hearsay, but nonetheless it's a great place to learn about the cars and technologies that make the sport enjoyable.

by Christopher Heiser on July 8 20:43

McLaren Disaster Blamed on German, French

Anyone watching the GP yesterday must have been impressed at the incompetence of the McLaren team as their pitstop strategy, which could loosely be described as suicidal, ruined both of their drivers' chances of finishing in the top three. It was revealed today that much of the confusion was the fact that the team was sharing radio frequencies with French and German TV crews which had the unfortunate (if not hilarious) effect of not only putting the broadcast in the ears of the drivers and crew, but the comments of the former on the TV airwaves:

David explained to . . . (continued)
by Christopher Heiser on July 8 11:05

Ferrari Sells 1/3 of Shares to Cover Fiat Debt, Luca Montezemelo to Retire

A bombshell, or just a good time to leave? According to an ITV report (relayed by our man in Ireland), Ferrari chief Luca Montezemolo was unaware of a deal where parent company Fiat sold 34% of their shares in Ferrari to raise 510 to cover debts. After this year Ferrari will likely have a string of three consecutive world championships (and four constructor trophies) under their belt--sounds like a good time to go, Luca.

by Christopher Heiser on July 8 10:58
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