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TCPA and Palladium Overviews

Here is another overview of Palladium and TCPA in plain english. Suitable only for those who care about personal liberties and the opportunity for choice in their computing. The NY Times follows up with a piece on innovation and technology that drives the point home.

by Christopher Heiser on July 11 21:48

Sport, a Proxy for War

The New York Review of Books has a charming little article on the subject of Soccer, and how the game is really predicated on hate. It sounds awful on the surface, but I think the author makes a very good case for his thesis. As one radio show host remarked, "You know, the wonderful thing about soccer is that it's the only situation left where you really feel you have an enemy, someone you can hate unreservedly, someone you don't have to make compromises with. Even with the terrorists you have to worry about whether you're indirectly . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on July 11 21:29

Japanese Study Links Video Games to Anger and Antisocial Behavior

A recent study of Japanese ages six to 29 showed that moderate video game usage resulted in a chronic suppression of beta wave activity in the brain and lead "people to lose concentration, get angry easily and have trouble associating with others." Fellow gamer Todd responds: "That article not good. My brain not die you bastard! broken much."

by Christopher Heiser on July 11 08:27
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