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Armstrong Closes on Indurain's Record

Over the weekend, Lance Armstrong won his fourth consecutive Tour de France making him the US king of the world's most famous cycling race. Armstrong (with the critical support of the powerful US Postal Service team) will now challenge next year to equal Miguel Indurain's five-in-a-row record. All this from a guy who has recoverd from testicular cancer. Simply amazing!

by Christopher Heiser on July 31 15:30

New Anti-Spam Tool

I remember back in college when we dreamed of a program that would learn email reading habits and prioritize our inboxes. It looks like such a system does exist, and may be coming to a computer near you soon.

by Christopher Heiser on July 31 15:04

HP Threatens Bug Trackers with DMCA Lawsuit

As if you needed more evidence that the DMCA is an evil, evil thing, HP used it recently to threaten those who simply alerted the community to longstanding and serious buffer overflow problem in an operating system. HP said that the posting of the bug ammounted to intent to circumvent copyright law. What a joke. Said one researcher, "We are like the guys that found out that Firestone tires have issues on Ford explorers. It's not our fault your Explorer has crap tires. We just pointed it out. We should not get attacked for pointing . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on July 31 14:27

Mozilla 1.0 Reviewed

For those still interested in the browser wars, Ars has a nice review of Mozilla, Gecko, and Navigator that was posted today.

by Christopher Heiser on July 31 12:53

RIAA and MPAA: the Priacy Gulf Widens

For all the pomp and circumstance of the recording and movie industries' efforts to stem the tide of piracy, the river is quickly becoming a flood. Two new file sharing systems debuted this week that offer very different but equally powerful methods of pushing data around an increasingly congested Internet. Overnet is the successor to the venerable edonkey2000 that uses a similar protocol but dispenses with semi-centralized servers. BitTorrent is a swarming technology that uses webservers to distribute content. This is an idea that I've been thinking about for years, and I am . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on July 31 11:31
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