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PGP Hole Discovered

A flaw has been discovered in the most popular mail encryption program, PGP. The flaw is somewhat unusual as it requires the user to respond to a message and include the original message in the body. PGP users should take note and either avoid the exploit or upgrade when vendors release their patches.

by Christopher Heiser on August 12 15:38

Apple to get New Power4 Chip?

There are some credible rumors floating around that the Apple might have access to a PC version of the impressive Power4 chip from IBM. Maybe time to seriously think about a Mac....

by Christopher Heiser on August 12 15:02

Artists Fire Back at RIAA, NARAS

Artist Janis Ian wrote a convincing and straightforward rebuttal of the notion that Internet downloads hurt artists. Longtime readers know that I couldn't agree more, and to see the disgusting music industry in the throes of its own demise brings a smile to my face. (Thanks, Nathan)

by Christopher Heiser on August 12 13:11

SR-71 Owner's Manual?

Faisal sent a link to intriguing, if poorly drawn documents that appear to detail most of the systems to the famous SR-71 Blackbird. There's no way to tell if they are legit, so I am running them by some experts. These documents are also found at a French aircraft prototype site that features the development of the A-12 or YF-12 which later became the SR-71.

by Christopher Heiser on August 12 12:23
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