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FDA Actually Doing Something Acrylamides

When European groups discovered that a significant carcinogen, acrylamide, was present in many common foods (e.g. french fries) and could be a significant risk factor for serious ailments, I was sure that the U.S. would do little to address the issue. I am extremely happy to have been wrong: the FDA announced today a plan to reduce or eliminate acrylamides in our food supply. I hope they are sincere in their efforts to grapple with this startling revelation about western diets.

by Christopher Heiser on September 30 15:14

Wireless Music for Your Entire House

I've been dying for a system that would allow me to have a single collection of music stored on disk that could be used to drive multiple sources (Apple has a similar system, but you have to buy a bunch of Macs) around the house, preferably wirelessly. Well, such a thing exists and it sounds incredibly cool. It's a bit expensive, but I expect the prices to fall in the near future.

by Christopher Heiser on September 30 13:13

Fiber Utilization: 2.7%

The massive glut in the telecom space seems to have been driven by ridiculous market analysis that claimed a doubling of traffic every three months. This has led to a situation where only 2.7% of the existing fiber is being utilized. To put it another way, the telecoms have created close to forty times as much network capacity as needed. Now that's a glut.

by Christopher Heiser on September 30 11:13
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