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The Evolution of the Dog-Human Relationship

An article in the Washington Post discusses three new papers that shed new light on the complex relationship between dogs and humans. Most interesting is a test that showed that dogs are better than some primates at understanding subtle communication from humans. The researchers also notes that wolves do not have this trait, indicating that this behavior has been selected over the 20,000 years or so that dogs and humans have worked and lived together.

by Christopher Heiser on November 21 13:46

Not-Quite-Dead Woman Placed in Morgue Dies

Boy, I hope I don't go out like this. It really sounds like someone screwed up.

by Christopher Heiser on November 21 13:43

Why UNIX Sucks (or, Why Security Fixes Can Kill)

So I hadn't gotten around to patching one of my OpenBSD boxes for the latest hole in the DNS server named until tonight. I grab the patch, fetch the source, patch, compile and install. While CVS is a little brain damaged, I finally manage to get the package built. Unfortunately, the service won't start. To make a long story short, I realized about an hour later that I don't use named (the default install with OpenBSD) but instead I use BIND 9. This is a somewhat subtle difference, as both of the programs are . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on November 21 02:05
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