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STi Curb Weight Leaked

Updated: someone on the forum has said that the repair manual quotes 3264lbs. That's 1lb heavier than the Evo. Heh.

This is on the Canadian version, but apparently the curb weight is 1484kg, which translates to about 3271lbs. I was hoping for something closer to 3000lbs, but at least it's not a pig like the S4 V6 (3585lbs) or the new V8 version (3660lbs). But it's still heavier than a Z06 Vette (3118lbs). And almost identical to the VW Golf R32 (3256lbs) and the arch-rival Mitsubishi Evo VIII (3263lbs).

Also of note: gas mileage will be . . . (continued)

by Christopher Heiser on March 21 12:05
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