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U.S. Government Providing Aid and Comfort to Mad Cow

Dr. Kahle sent us a pointer to a story that sounds completely made up, until you realize that the U.S. beef industry is on the verge of complete panic. The USDA has actually forbidden companies to test all their cows for BSE, the bovine disease that leads to Mad Cow in humans. One beef exporter that was loosing millions of dollars per month to lost imports wanted to meet the high standards of Japanese and British importers, but the government blocked this move.

The reason is quite simple when you think about it: if one exporter tests 100% of its beef, that exporter will make huge gains in the market. This will force other exporters to do likewise, which will boost their profits by regaining the revenue lost to foreign embargos on U.S. beef. But this move will put huge pressure for all beef producers to test all their cattle. And this will lead to huge expenses and--almost inevitably--more reported cases of Mad Cow which will wreak havoc on the industry. And so the government will help the industry bury its head in the sand...

by Christopher Heiser on April 12 02:22
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