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Key Info From Bomb Plot in UK

The British authorities have apparently disrupted a plot to blow up several aircraft on routes between the UK and the US. But here's the scariest part:

"Due to the nature of the threat revealed by this investigation, we are prohibiting any liquids, including beverages, hair gels, and lotions from being carried on the airplane."

From the NYTimes story:

Passengers faced delays as tighter security was hastily enforced at the country's airports and additional measures were put in place for all flights. British Airways said laptop computers, mobile phones, iPods, and remote controls were among the items banned from being carried on board...[t]he Department of Transport advised all passengers that they would not be permitted to carry any hand baggage on board any aircraft departing from any airport in the country...[p]rescription medicines were OK; so were eyeglasses but not their cases, the department said. Contact lenses could be taken aboard in their cases, but bottles of solution were banned...[p]assengers were also advised that no electrical or battery powered items including laptops and mobile phones could be carried into the cabin.

No hand luggage? No hair gel? No battery-powered electronics? No eyeglass cases? It suggests that the attackers had found a way to slip explosives by the sophisticated scanning procedures disguised as everyday items.

If so, flying is about to get a LOT more difficult.

by Christopher Heiser on August 10 05:02

My Next Real Estate Investment

With falling prices and rising interest rates, you need a safe investment!

by Christopher Heiser on August 10 00:27
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