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ATHF + 9/11 = ROFL!!!

Friends of mine no doubt know of my strong passion for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So when stories of city-wide panic and transportation disruption over a guerrilla marketing campaign [1, 2, 3], I was of course totally excited. But to see writers at the Times have to attempt to explain the show and its premise--well, that's just priceless!

The devices are dotted with blue and purple lights and are shaped like “Aqua Teen” characters, mooninites. One character, Err, seems angry, with slanted eyebrows and what appear to be raised middle fingers.

It kills me! Anyway, Boston needs to take a chill pill and watch more Adult Swim.

The even better news is that the Times article confirmed a feature-length ATHF film that will be released this year!

Thanks to Steve, Todd, and Faisal who all sent links (including an eBay listing for one of the Mooninite signs, which has unfortunately been taken down Update: They're back!!).

Additional update: Up yours, Boston!

Even more additional update: I just bought this one! But as Ignignokt says, "Getting it is easy... filling it with illegal substances and sending it across the border is not." So true.

by Christopher Heiser on February 1 14:48

You're the Bomb Now, Dog!

Via Faisal. Check it out, y'all!.

I freaking love the Internet.

by Christopher Heiser on February 1 13:46
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