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Radical Goes...Even More Radical

Radical has just released an upgraded version of their SR8 car, upping the tiny V8 engine's output from 360 for 455 horsepower. Adding a new custom-built transmission, this car will be seriously fast!

I'm hoping to test a Radical this year.

by Christopher Heiser on July 5 13:33

F1 At Scale

The detail shots on this 1/8th scale gas R/C car are truly amazing! Check out the fully adjustable pushrod suspension with blade-type swaybars! And disc brakes! The Serpent is available for about $1,000 as a complete kit with motor and starter.


by Christopher Heiser on July 5 13:30

Energy Crackpot? I'm Still On The Edge Of My Seat

I'm deeply skeptical of this, but it's fascinating to watch nonetheless:

They are publicly demonstrating the technology this week in London, although their demo has had some technical difficulties.

Stay tuned.

by Christopher Heiser on July 5 11:19
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