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Schneier Demystifies Terrorism. Again.

There are few people who can write with the clarity and rationality of Bruce Schneier. I sometimes have the pleasure of meeting conservatives who believe that intellectuals are effete apologists that need to get out of the way so the real men can protect this country. I always encourage them to a) stop drooling and b) read any five essays by Schneier on post 9-11 realities.

Here's another brilliant Schneier piece that analyzes a recent Max Abrams paper entitled Why Terrorism Does Not Work. Bruce focuses on a social phenomenon called correspondent interference theory. He does such an eloquent job of explaining what this is and why it's important in the debate about terrorism--and our response to it--that I implore you to read it. If you can stop drooling, that is.

by Christopher Heiser on July 13 14:51
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