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Shell And Ferrari


by Christopher Heiser on September 15 23:15

For Those Trying To Trash Ron Dennis

Think Ron Dennis of McLaren is a big liar in the Stepneygate scandal? Consider this exchange with FIA head Max Mosley, as told from Max's point of view:

Dennis confirmed on Saturday that Fernando Alonso had approached him at the Hungarian Grand Prix threatening to leak damaging emails between himself and test driver Pedro de la Rosa.

Mosley told ITV his version of events: "On the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Ron rang me and he said, 'I've just had Alonso in the motorhome and he says he's got information and he's threatening to give it to the Federation.'

"So I said, 'What did you say Ron?' He said, 'I said, go on and hand it over.'

"I said, 'Ron, you said exactly the right thing.'

"And then Ron said, 'But there isn't any information.'

"So I said, 'So it's an empty threat?'

"And he replied: 'Yes, a completely empty threat. There's no information, there's nothing to come out; I can assure you that if there was something, Max, I would have told you.'

So, up until the very moment that Alonso threatened--some say blackmailed--his own team, Dennis was so confident that it was an empty threat that he called the head of world motorsport to reiterate his story.

Ask yourself: if you thought you were about to be revealed as a liar, would you call the head of the prosecution--and someone you've known for 40 years--just to compound that lie with something that would forever tarnish your reputation and legacy?

It seems obvious to me that Dennis (and perhaps most of the top brass) truly believe that the Ferrari dossier was not used in the development of their car. But it also seems that now-disgraced chief designer Mike Coughlin shared the information to several others within the team. Dennis maintains that he and the other directors were not aware of this, and the conversation with Mosley seems to make this painfully clear.

I admit that if I were a Ferrari fan I'd be happy as hell to see McLaren get caught and punished. But that's a hypocritical position to take; I'll have more to say about that later...

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 18:20
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