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New Taxis Coming Soon

Times are changing, and the old gas-guzzling sedan Taxi cabs are on their way out. Meet their replacement:

by Christopher Heiser on March 19 16:44

NY-Area Motor Club

A friend has just signed on as the IT manager for Monticello Motor Club, which will open later this year:

Do you remember that first encounter? The gorgeous curves, the excitement of movement, the exhilarating fear of the unknown. Auto enthusiasts understand.

Monticello Motor Club (MMC) was created with you in mind.

Our race resort represents an exciting new concept in private country clubs. A place where members can share their passion for high performance automobiles less than a 90-minute drive from New York City.

Enjoy unparalleled access to our new world-class, 4.1-mile racetrack and our five-star country club.

Please review Membership Privileges for additional details.

Cheesy marketing. But a 4.1-mile circuit? Awesome.

by Christopher Heiser on March 19 02:29

Counterpoint: the Fed

So a few days ago I was pointing out that the Federal Reserve was making $200 billion decisions without any kind of input from the electorate, and that these bailouts were going to help investment bankers and not homeowners.

This is strictly true. On the other hand, the problems that we're seeing in the marketplace have more to do with confidence than actual fundamentals. Or, to put it another way, people are scared. And scared people can do irrational and very damaging things unless they are calmed down.

An excellent article explaining the credit crisis by David Leonhardt explains the dilemma:

Many economists, on the right and the left, now argue that the only solution is for the federal government to step in and buy some of the unwanted debt, as the Fed began doing last weekend. This is called a bailout, and there is no doubt that giving a handout to Wall Street lenders or foolish home buyers — as opposed to, say, laid-off factory workers — is deeply distasteful. At this point, though, the alternative may be worse.

Bubbles lead to busts. Busts lead to panics. And panics can lead to long, deep economic downturns, which is why the Fed has been taking unprecedented actions to restore confidence.

If you're going to fail, fail in large groups.

by Christopher Heiser on March 19 02:16

John Adams, Re-Undiscovered

So based on my brief exposure to US history in my AP high school classes (much love, Mr. Davis) I was left with the impression that John Adams, our second president, was essentially a step backward in terms of the lofty ideals upon which the country was founded. (See Alien and Sedition Acts.)

So it was with some surprise that I began watching the HBO miniseries about John Adams. Had I misunderstood this man? Well, possibly--it seems that historians have overlooked some of his influence in the founding of the country. But it also appears that the miniseries is a bit overblown as well.

Ah, entertainment.

by Christopher Heiser on March 19 01:34
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