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Incredible Picture

Standing roughly a mile from downtown Atlanta, photographer Shane Durrance caught this image Friday night as the tornado struck (It's the bushy looking cloud mass just to the right of the tower with the illuminated top). He had been shooting lightning strikes from his sixth-floor balcony at the 1016 Lofts when he captured the image. Durrance, who grow up in Phenix City, Ala., has lived in Atlanta since 2000. He specializes in advertising, fashion, celebrity and wedding photography.

Courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

by Christopher Heiser on March 20 22:38

Major Site Updates Coming

I'm in the process of making some significant changes to my website. One of those changes is to start using a feed aggregator to manage the sites that I read on a frequent basis. I had struggled to understand how to publish this feed so that others could use it. That's when I finally found out what the term 'blogroll' means. Check it out.

This should allow me to easily share the most important things on the 'net with others in a dynamic way. Cool!

by Christopher Heiser on March 20 15:25

New Solar Cell Technology

Let's hope that new solar technologies will continue to drive the cost of solar power down to the point where it can provide the majority of the energy for household use. In terms of abundancy and environmental impact, it's the best option for our growing energy needs.

by Christopher Heiser on March 20 09:45
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