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Better Imaging

I've been thinking a lot about photography lately. Specifically, the use of fisheye lenses to create panoramic imaging systems that can lead to unique visualization tools for both business and personal use.

by Christopher Heiser on April 1 14:53

Shuttle Launch Sequence


by Christopher Heiser on April 1 14:51

A More Serious Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer?

A very well-respected researcher has released a new report that suggests a strong link between mobile phone use and brain cancer. According to the study, using mobile phones for 10 years can more than double your risk.

I try to keep my own usage down, although I'm not totally convinced that there is any link. But there will be a lot of recriminations if it turns out that there is link...

by Christopher Heiser on April 1 14:34

Green Tea Helps You Fight Bugs

I'm a big fan of O Cha or traditional Japanese green tea. Turns out that it works with antibiotics to increase their potency in fighting off drug-resistant 'superbugs'. Neat.

by Christopher Heiser on April 1 14:30
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