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GT-R V-Spec is sub-7:30 at the Nurburgring

If these reports can be believed, the new V-Spec GT-R prototype is lapping the Nurburgring at 7:25. That's 12 seconds faster than the current model, and a few seconds quicker than a $440,000 Porsche Carrera GT supercar. Wow.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 22:21

Soros Weighs In on the Global Credit Crisis

And it's not pretty. He's pushing his own theories, but there's no denying this man's abilities in the financial sector. Stay tuned.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 15:07

Engineering Wonders

WebUrbanist has a list of the 7 engineering wonders of the modern world. I think it's criminal that the Panama Canal is not among the seven, but history is apparently overrated. It's also interesting to see the scale that the Chinese are operating on when they build cities devoted to a very narrow manufacturing focus.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 15:06

On Interviews

Compare and contrast:

  1. Marc Andreesen on How to hire the best people you've ever worked with
  2. Business Pundit on The Ten Worst Interview Questions Ever

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 15:03

Breaking it Down

An excerpt from a ZAG book cleverly illustrates marketing, advertising, PR, and branding in a series of illustrations. In the comments, another blog takes a whack at the idea that brand is controlled by the masses, not the company--and that it is a result of the public's interpretation of the artifacts of your brand.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 14:54

Vibration, the Perennial Enemy of Rockets

When I read that the Orion rocket--the replacement for the Space Shuttle--has vibration issues, I was reminded of the fact that similar problems plagued the Saturn V rocket that drove the Apollo moon landings. These vibrations led (somewhat indirectly) to the near-fatal failures aboard the famous Apollo 13 mission.

Fortunately, according to NASA, the vibration issues on the Orion system appear to be manageable.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 14:47

Don't Trust Me

Good to know that I rank lower than CEOs in terms of who-do-you-trust. Bloggers like me (and you?) rank dead last.

I, for one, am glad. It's good to know that silly things like experience, degrees, awards, and process count for something. And on the flip side, the voice of each and every blogger can be heard. Sounds like a nice balance to me.

by Christopher Heiser on April 8 11:58
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