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F-15 Emergency Landing

Via Cpt. Traeger: an F-15 has an engine fire that forces an emergency landing. For some reason, the plane doesn't slow down once it gets down...


F-15 with a fire in the right engine bay. The pilot shuts down the engine, but the fire continues. He decides to try to save the airplane and land at Whiteman. You can see the airspeed and altitude tapes in the HUD and listen to his conversation. He touches down at high speed - 300 knots - see the speed on left side of HUD - but can't get it stopped and ejects about 1000 feet from the departure end of the runway.

The pilot is very professional in handling this emergency, although I am not sure I would have stayed with it as long as he did. Check the rate of respiration and the fact that the camera and some cockpit information systems seem to be still working after the aircraft finishes crashing . He gets the message about "bingo" fuel after all the parts have stopped moving .

by Christopher Heiser on April 9 18:49
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