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Faisal brings word of a new Terminator movie that may not completely suck. Fingers crossed.

by Christopher Heiser on May 26 14:47

Main Core

What is Main Core? Perhaps just a conspiracy theory. Perhaps not.

Thanks to Nathan for the nightmares.

by Christopher Heiser on May 26 14:34

Surprise: USDA Defends Biofuels

In a press release that raised exactly zero eyebrows, the USDA came out against multiple reports that biofuel production is a significant driver of rising food prices. That pits the USDA against, well, just about every economist in the world.

by Christopher Heiser on May 26 14:26

Acidified Seawater

This is an ecological problem I hadn't heard about before. The carbon sinking that the oceans perform is raising the acidity of the seawater much faster than expected. These changes have the potential to significantly impact marine life, possibly in devastating ways. The key points from the article are:

  1. The process is happening much faster than predicted, with acidic water only four miles off the Northern California coast.
  2. The water is already acidic enough to dissolve shells, corals, tiny animals, and fish eggs
  3. What we're seeing now is a result of things that happened about 50 years ago--which is to say that the problem is likely to get far worse even if we immediately shut down human carbon release

If accurate, this is a horrifying discovery.

Thanks to Nathan for the link.

by Christopher Heiser on May 26 14:22

More R/C Video, This Time With Glasses

On the heels of the video from last week, here's a new system that uses a set of video goggles and a gyro to allow the viewer to pan the camera by simply moving their head. Excellent!

by Christopher Heiser on May 26 14:13
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