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Cosmologists: We're Hosed, Thanks

Despite major discoveries that promise to change the way we observe the universe, cosmologists are in a state of despair over the apparently lack of any decent theory to explain such exotic phenomena such as dark matter and the anti-gravitational dark energy. I'm one of the romantics that just believes we're seeing things wrong and the pieces will start to drop into place once we gain the right perspective. But the article makes a very good point: the major breakthroughs of the 20th century (relativity and quantum mechanics) were theory-driven, not observation-driven. So we need some more thought, apparently.

by Christopher Heiser on June 4 03:54

Red Wine Adding Life?

Scientists are studying resveratrol, an ingredient in some red wines, as a possible anti-aging drug that shows great promise. Unfortunately, it occurs naturally in such small amounts that you'd need to drink dozens of bottles of wine a day to benefit. There goes my drink-my-way-to-health plan...

by Christopher Heiser on June 4 03:51
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