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Friday Tech Roundup

The innovations in solar just keep coming, now with a relatively simple coating that boosts efficiency of any photovoltaic to nearly 100% and allows the panels to use light from almost any angle without being mechanically repositioned. But when the weather turns bad, you'll want the tornado-chasing TIV-2 to stay safe. There's a wonderful new guest-blogger at Gizmodo this week that is no stranger to harsh weather: The Phoenix Mars Lander is passing into the long Martian winter--and death--after a hugely successful mission. Back here on earth, the new Canon digital SLR, the 5D Mk II, has shook the world of videography by bringing 35mm lenses to movies with stunning results. That's good, because high-end video camera maker RED is about to annouce their Scarlet and Epic products which, if you believe the hype, are going to be revolutionary. Finally, check out how well you do on the geek skills test; yours truly did pretty well.

by Christopher Heiser on November 7 13:17
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