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Rabbit at Rest

John Updike, perhaps my favorite modern author, died today at the age of 76. As an American male, if you haven't read the Rabbit series of books then you have missed out on a great treasure of social and behavioral insight.

In a recent interview with the New York Times Updike said: I don't think we ever valorized any life stage beyond youth in this country. So we're all failed had more savor then, we were more glamorous then, all ages ago. This is very full of generalizations, but we don't believe in the wisdom of the ages, we don't have a village wise man. Especially now that so many people live forever, even less so. We park them in nursing homes and old peoples homes...and you feel that in our great writers--Hemmingway and Fitzgerald--those two, their idea of happiness is to be young.

His obit from the Times gives a great overview of his career. And for the record, the word 'redux' is pronounced rē-dŭks' from the latin word meaning to be brought back or be reborn.

by Christopher Heiser on January 27 20:14
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