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Really, We Already Knew

Ever get the sense that the financial industry is like a husband who is clearly lost and stubbornly driving around in circles while his wife fumes in the passenger seat biting back an exasperated demand that he ask for directions?

Well, it's actually just like that. Nationalization is, and always has been a question of when, not if. The longer we wait, the longer we drive around in circles, hopelessly lost.

by Christopher Heiser on February 13 03:54

Things That Make You Go 'Hunh?'

So I'm reading this Gizmodo post that reports on a group of Russian scientists who have apparently found bacterium in a Mammoth graveyard in Siberia that have shown "growth of physical, mental and sexual activity, while some females even had babies aged at the human equivalent of 70."

Okay, I have just a few questions:

  1. Do excavations of long-dead animals generally involve the cataloging of all the bacterium in the site?
  2. When finding a novel strain, is it standard operating procedure to vaccinate "fruit flies and mice" with every strange DNA strand you find?
  3. Is there any peer review or independent verification of this finding?
  4. Is is April 1st already?

Seriously. A little too weird.

by Christopher Heiser on February 13 03:50

My Next Plane

Oh, the opulence!

by Christopher Heiser on February 13 03:43
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