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Porsche vs. VW: An Epic Tale

I've been watching in disbelief as Porsche inexorably moves towards acquisition of the Volkswagen Auto Group. But behind the scenes there is an even more compelling story of the epic struggle between the CEOs of these two companies: Wendelin Wiedeking and Ferdinand Piech. Wiedeking is credited with the amazing turnaround the led to Porsche becoming the most profitable car company in the world. Piech, part of the Porsche family, has himself led VW to a series of acquisitions and mergers to become a rival to giants such as Toyota and GM.

The Truth About Cars has some great articles on these two men and the epic struggle that rages on between them. Six months ago it appeared that Wiedeking would orchestrate the takeover of VW. But Piech is famously cunning and has been working for a dramatic reversal where VW would in fact buy Porsche.

Intense stuff. These boys are playing for keeps.

by Christopher Heiser on May 16 12:16

Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Obama

by Christopher Heiser on May 16 12:06

Tow-Kyo Mater

by Christopher Heiser on May 16 12:05
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