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Thursday Roundup

For those who believe that iPhone app sales are significant, please see this helpful illustration.

The battle rages on between the heads of Porsche and VW, with the latter's CEO gettin' all Machiavelli with his plans. Piech offers his adversary a job at VW with these kind words: “He would have to take several steps down the ladder. The role play would have to change from someone who‘s used to march through to someone with humbleness—I don‘t know.“

You can capture pictures of the galactic disc using an affordable DSLR. Not do be outdone, another photographer imaged the Space Shuttle in silhouette against the Sun. For more normal conditions you can trigger them wirelessly with your iPhone in conjunction with a USB connection from your laptop. You can use this technology to take breathtaking photos of Russian military might and the tragedies of warfare.

It was revealed that the first porn on the Moon arrived in the 1970's on the Apollo 16 mission.

Jay Leno drove the Aptera and likes it.

In watch news, Citizen has a (Japan-only) wristwatch that uses bluetooth to deliver real-time info from your mobile to the watch's display. Phosphor has some new models that use Electronic Ink instead of a backlit liquid crystal display.

And finally, I am totally going to build a desk-based PC for myself. What a great concept!

by Christopher Heiser on May 21 14:28
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