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Pikes Peak 2010

Alan Greenwood, a member of the RS200 team, writes us to point out that their car was running as quickly as the current champion Tobuhiro Tajima before brakes became an issue about a third of the way up. It's easy to think of Pikes Peak as just another hillclimb, but as the car reaches beyond 10,000 feet in altitude you start to see partial pressures that effect things like turbos, intercoolers, radiators, and brakes. And while the O2 pressure is around 74% at the peak, the overall air pressure (which is mostly Nitrogen) is around 60%. That means cooling is far, far less effective than at sea level, and explains why many of the Unlimited Class cars--some making over 900 horsepower--can have major problems in terms of heat rejection.

The Unlimited class will once again see a Millen contesting it (Rhys, not Rod) which should be some great entertainment. Rumor has it that his current Hyundai will be entered, albeit with some major modifications. And the Ford Fiesta team will be back, and you know Tajima will be there for sure. With the RS200 boys in the mix it's going to be fun, and I'm looking forward to it!

by Christopher Heiser on August 12 19:02
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