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First In A New Series: Please Redirect Your Anger To Things That Matter

After watching the amazing cocktail of astroturf lobbying and angry, out-of-step conservative still hurt over the 2008 election I've decided to start a new series called:

Things That Should Honestly Piss You Off Enough To Scream At Your Congressional Representative

This does not include going on and on about fictional "death panels", or "socialism" which you don't understand anyway, or some other conspiracy where the government is somehow going to take away your healthcare. Instead, why not contemplate about the fact that our method of electing our government is so miserably flawed. Doing so should cause the anger to bubble up inside you until you foam at the mouth screaming at your next town hall, or assaulting the security, or whatever your lizard brain suggests you do at that very moment.

Just go with it.

by Christopher Heiser on August 13 22:23

Hubble Deep Field Sky Survey in 3D

The curious mind is captivated by discoveries like this.

by Christopher Heiser on August 13 14:33
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