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History and The Volkswagen Beetle

Looks like there is some serious scholarly interest into the question of whether German Ferdinand Porsche or lesser-known Hungarian Josef Ganz is responsible for the design of the most popular car ever--the VW Beetle. Evidence seems to strongly point to Ganz's Maikäfer (or May Beetle) as the prototype from which the iconic Type 1 was created. Hopefully historians will get to the bottom of this and give credit where it's rightly due.

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 23:12

Auto Avatars

Man, can't wait for auto-generated 3D avatars to become commonplace. The entire world is turning into an MMOG.

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 23:07

Japanese Robotic Exoskeleton: Awesome, Yet Darkly Ironic

There's little doubt that this amazing exoskeletal robot is the future of assisted (and amplified) human mobility. It's terrific and I hope to see it commercialized soon. However, the fact that the suit (HAL) is named after a psychotic computer intelligence driven to murder in 2001 while the company (Cyberdyne) is named after the group responsible for Skynet, the nuclear-war-starting AI from The Terminator. Wonderful. Can't wait to see what their next product gets named. The WOPR?

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 23:06

More on the McLaren MP4-12C

There are a few videos that feature the leader of McLaren talking about their new car, and the subsidiary founded to produce it. Pretty exciting stuff trying to build a brand to compete directly with Ferrari and Lamborghini. It's crazy to think about how far the company has come since its founding by the young and brilliant Bruce McLaren. Long gone are the Can-Am days of McLaren and Mark Donohue...

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 22:54

Heart Attack Grill

Next time I'm in Chandler, Arizona I'll be hitting the Heart Attack Grill which was featured on CBS recently with a charming little video that pretty much speaks for itself.

by Christopher Heiser on September 15 22:50
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