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Tim Dickinson does a reasonable job of summarizing the forces at work behind the "grassroots" campaigns against health insurance reform.

by Christopher Heiser on October 5 15:25

Racing and Video

My buddy Mark provided me with a GoPro mini video recorder last year. I used it with mixed results. However, GoPro have revved their line with a widescreen HD model that looks much more impressive. On the other hand, VholdR is also offering an HD helmet cam that has a better form factor but apparently not as good audio filtering to deal with wind noise. It's great to see where this is going.

by Christopher Heiser on October 5 15:18

Cellphone Radiation Levels

Although experience shows that these measurements are not necessarily accurate on a individual basis--things like orientation, human physical features, and radio network performance can have a big influence--it's interesting to see a complete list of handset models and corresponding radiation levels.

I'm surprised that the iPhone is only a mid-pack emitter. I expected it to be among the highest in terms of radiation. This makes me feel better, although it's probably only due to the fact that it drops 30% of calls on average in places like NYC.

by Christopher Heiser on October 5 15:11

Sagan Remixed

Friends of mine know that I make no excuses for my hero worship of the late Carl Sagan. So I was excited to see that even he was not immune to the fad of Autotune mashups that have exploded onto the Internets:

by Christopher Heiser on October 5 15:08
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