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Friday Roundup

Well, first off you should probably prepare for alien invasion based on the latest images from Hubble. For more on this, we go to our anchor Ken Brockman!

Silicon Valley was news-y this week. Turns out Apple make more on iPhones than any other product. Which explains why they have nearly twice as much cash as Google in the bank. Should make the next few years fun, especially as they start to squeeze their partners in favor of their own strategic goals.

Faisal let us know about a custom-molded earpiece that works with Jawbone headsets. Nice.

YouTube darlings OK Go did a remarkable job threading the needle as they explained why their latest videos won't be on YouTube. It's nice to see bands that feel like they can actually talk to their fans like humans instead of communicating through their lawyers and RIAA. Music artists need to understand that the system has changed, and they need to evolve.

Points to Matt Taibbi for a David Brooks smackdown that shouldn't be missed.

Finally, it's good to know that the formula for perfect parallel parking has been found. This is clearly what Kasparov has in mind. Chess, parking....what's next?

by Christopher Heiser on February 5 21:10

da Vinci

I'd love to get a cover letter that describes how the applicant can build weapons of war.

by Christopher Heiser on February 5 20:53
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