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For those not watching the Tour de France: Andy Schleck lost 39 seconds on stage 15 when his chain slipped and Contador attacked leaving Schleck behind.

At the end of today's time trial--the effective end of the tour as the Sunday stage is not raced for general classification-- Contador stands 39 seconds in the lead.

The press seem ready to forgive Contador, but after last year's tour it's clear he is a ruthless competitor. That may be the new normal for the Tour, but it's sad to see such a great race decided by a simple chain slip. Moreover, the world was robbed of a chance to witness a spectacle unseen since the 1989 Tour which was decided by a scant 8 seconds.

I'll be rooting for Schleck in 2011.

by Christopher Heiser on July 24 17:56

My What Big Eyes You Haven't

Originating in Asia and popularized by pop stars like Lada Gaga, "circle eyes" have gone big across America. There are questions about possible health concerns, but that has historically been a poor deterrent to adoption of cosmetic products (on both sides of the gender line). Since reading this article I've been on the lookout for circle eyes in my area but haven't seen them yet.

by Christopher Heiser on July 24 12:34
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