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First Pluto, Now Triceratops

When will the spiteful destruction of my childhood at the hands of cold, heartless scientists end?

Triceratops was actually just an adolescent Torosaurus. It never existed as an adult dinosaur.

Can't wait to see what's next.

by Christopher Heiser on August 10 23:31

Writing to NTFS Drives from OS X

If you're using OS X in a work environment you are probably dealing with external drives that are formatted in NTFS. OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) can read NTFS drives but cannot write to them. Fortunately there is a simple and free solution to fix this amazingly annoying issue. (Seriously, Apple...NTFS has been around for more than a decade...)

  1. Download and install MacFuse 2.0
  2. Download and install NTFS-3G
  3. Reboot

That's it. I'm running with the default settings. It's worth noting that there is a commercial version of NTFS-3G that reportedly is much faster, but for USB 2.0 drives I'm finding the free version totally workable.

Thanks to Faisal for the pointers.

by Christopher Heiser on August 10 18:51
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