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Retcon Madness

Trying to reconcile Episodes 1-3 with 4-6: a novel interpretation.

by Christopher Heiser on August 14 15:40

Canon G12 Next Week?

I've been eagerly awaiting the Canon G12 release for some time now. I've been an avid user of the G9 which takes photos that rival most budget SLRs at a fraction of the size and weight. I was looking to replace it with the G11 but sadly that model did not have support for remote shutter which is really valuable for low-light conditions.

So imagine my surprise when a Google search turns up a website called with what looks like a press release from an upcoming launch on August 17th. The good news: far better sensitivity, a better lens, remote shutter, the ability to drop resolution in favor of greater speed (shooting at ISO 12,800 and 2.4 frames per second!) and a number of other features make this a must-buy for me. This camera will be a low-light monster!

Interestingly, the sensor will apparently not be CMOS which busts a very popular rumor for this model.

I'll be watching with great interest this Tuesday to see if it drops. Expect a street price of around $399.

by Christopher Heiser on August 14 14:40
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