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Weekly Roundup

A few weeks ago the corn people decided to re-brand high fructose corn syrup. Clearly some of the braintrust over at Philips Morris has migrated on over.

The idea of a post-racial America has been completely shot down by recent census data as visualized here in color-coded pictures of major US cities. Even "melting pot" metropolises like San Francisco show clear racial divisions, some on a neighborhood level.

The Lotus motor company (owned by Malaysian conglomerate Proton) has gone crazy with multiple new racing programs as well as announcing no fewer than five new road cars at last week's Paris auto show. It's great to see names like Lotus mount a comeback.

In racing news, Loeb is unbeatable, Franchitti came from behind in points to take a third championship, and Stoner is back to winning while Pedrosa's broken collar bone all but seals the title for Lorenzo. Can't wait 'till next year with Rossi on a Ducati...

by Christopher Heiser on October 3 18:35
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