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Secret Formulas

I like the fact that after all the speculation about Coke's secret formula it turns out that unless you're a drug dealer, you can't get access to the main ingredient that makes the beverage unique. Hilarious!

by Christopher Heiser on February 16 15:24

Race To The Top

In a world where it seems that crappy product rule, it's great to see a company produce a superior, design-oriented product that commands huge margins and big profits, putting the rest of the commodity-minded market to shame. Go Apple!

by Christopher Heiser on February 16 15:21

Unprecendented Warming

The Arctic waters are the warmest in thousands of years. Yet the change has happened over only 100 years. Something's up, right?

Maybe we need to establish a Climate Security fund. Companies and individuals pay in, and you check a box if you think climate change is real. If you check "no" and are right, everyone gets their money back but you get the interest on the whole fund. If you are wrong, your contribution covers the damage relief while the "yes" folks get their money back with a smaller return. Simple! Let the market decide.

by Christopher Heiser on February 16 15:11

Because I Was Inverted

Professor Kahle sent me this link of an inverted pendulum a few months ago. It's still fascinating.

by Christopher Heiser on February 16 15:08
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