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Weekend Roundup

I've been behind on a lot of things lately, so here's a big linkdump of tidbits that have crossed my mind (or rocked my world).

In case you missed the 60 Minutes show on Steve Jobs, here's the video in its entirety with some additional scenes.

The rehabilitation of the Google founders' images continues in the NYTimes, this time with a story about Sergey's Google X which houses many of the far-reaching products under development at the search giant. I wonder what the reaction was at Google to this story?

XKCD published a fascinating money map that illustrates the relative cost of various things from objects to government programs. Thanks to Prof. Kahle for the link.

ABlogToRead has a nice visual history of the wristwatch from 1485 to present.

With the dramatic success of NASA's Kepler mission last week, we have high hopes for Curiostiy's trip to Mars which began at the end of last month. There are a lot of secrets on our red neighbor yet to be discovered.

From Bruce Schneier's thought-provoking blog I found and article on violence and self-defense that presented a very distilled set of guidelines on how to think about confrontation and male dominance games.

Privacy-minded techies are working on another darknet attempt which I applaud and hope will actually take off.

The FIA has released the 2012 F1 Rules which are generally good except: "drivers will not be allowed to move back onto the racing line after having moved off it to defend their position." I predict this will not increase passing, but will lead to more crashes and penalties as leading drivers will move inside and be forced to stay inside (on the marbles). If the chasing car tries the outside line, they will get hit. If they take a classic line, the slower car will hog the apex and block on exit (as the rule says nothing about what the cars can do once they enter the turn.) I thought the overtaking was awesome and Monza was a real treat. Neither Alonso nor Hamilton complained post-race...FIA, just let it be.

Meanwhile, China continues to ruthlessly trample intellectual property and use the state to pick winners in just about every industry.

Finally, the availability of inexpensive Swiss mechanical watch movements is about to change dramatically as Swatch (who own ETA/Unitas) will soon stop selling them to other watch companies. However, I think this will lead to two things: a lawsuit to allow "Swiss Made" to be used on watches that do not have Swiss movements, and the continued rise of Asian movement production that already offer similar quality base movements at about 1/5th the cost.

by Christopher Heiser on December 11 13:12
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