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Monthly Roundup

Christopher Hitchens died. His essay on North Korea was forwarded around following the death of Kim Jong-Il. It's classic Hitchens.

The Patek 5013 Repeater showed up on one of my watch blogs. At over 500 parts it's a incredible masterpiece. The 5059 is more handsome, but the complexity of the 5013 is stunning.

Blanco showed me a link to Louis CK's Reddit session which was very cool. His internet comedy special made real money. Not sure if this is a game changer yet for the industry, but I'm thrilled it worked for him.

Bill Keller's thoughtful essay on Pakistan is a well balanced approach to understanding the problem we face in a realistic manner.

The drone fiasco continues, and there are some new and interesting analyses of the event.

Finally, a group of people that make me look like way less of a fashion whore: The Ainsworth.

by Christopher Heiser on December 20 07:12
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