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Random Roundup

Someone recently asked me why my posting on is so sporadic, and what my process was. It's fairly simple: when I read an article I like and intend to share, I leave the tab open in Firefox. When the browser starts to crash under the weight of open tabs, I blog. Simple!

So here we go. I'm really amazed at the ability of Israel to float trial balloons for their foreign policy. The recent series of articles in the New York Times on Israel's imminent bombing campaign in Iran reads like a user experience test or campaign focus group. Groups that support a competing narrative should really take note.

But let's not forget Russia. A major battle is shaping up between Putin and the new business class. You will see some really weird things happen that are an attempt to shift focus away from domestic issues, like saber rattling over imaginary conflicts in space and other nonsense.

In other sad nonsense, some very smart people have been hoodwinked into joinging the carbon deniers in their misguided efforts. Burt Rutan is a pioneer, a family friend, and an amazing engineer. I can't fathom why he's on board with this.

P2P networking is still an area of intense development. I like this. Anything that decentralizes control of the Internet is a good thing. I also like the Darknet effort that's sprung up on Reddit but some people make decent arguments that mesh networking may not work effectively when taken to scale. We'll have to see.

As usual, Bruce Schneier's website has great content. From there I found an article on how traditional war and cyber war differ in fundamental ways. It seems like a space that's in dire need of a seminal book.

From an interview with Roger Waters I ran across an audio track of FDR speeches railing against the industrial war complex, organized business, and a host of other social problems. I haven't listened to many historical oratory but I was really impressed at how well this mapped into 2012. (Thanks to Steve for the link.)

I love aspirational brands. A recent interview with Thierry Stern of Patek Philippe was really fun. Patek isn't saving the world, but I love that we humans have a such a deep desire to create exceptional and artistic objects. MB&F is another example, and their fascination with artistic inspiration is something I share.

by Christopher Heiser on January 30 18:44
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