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Armstrong to Lose Seven Tour Titles

It's a sad day for cycling, for US sports, and for fans of Armstrong the world over. The extent of doping during the Tour over the past few decades is yet to be fully realized, or at least acknowledged. Awarding the tour victory to the next rider only ensures an ongoing injustice to millions of racing fans. One wonders how Lance would have fared against a field of riders who were completely free of illegal substances. Pretty darn well, I'd imagine. But nonetheless, it's a shame that should not be quickly forgotten.

My only hope is that the LIVESTRONG foundation continues to grow in its efforts to support those who suffer from cancer. The foundation raises and spends tens of millions of dollars each year on education and research. Let Lance's legacy be the hope that LIVESTRONG brings. Even deeply flawed people can accomplish great things.

by Christopher Heiser on August 24 05:08
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