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Schumacher and Ski Helmets

First off, Michael Schumacher's condition has improved slightly which is welcome good news. As one of his F1 compatriots noted, there is no one more fit to come back from an injury like this than Schumacher. While he was a driver, his rest heart rate was 36 beats per minute. What's more amazing is that he could hit is rest heart rate in under two minutes after leaving the cockpit where pulse rates regularly top 180 bpm. He is an incredible athlete with an iron will; let's hope that's enough for him to make a full recovery.

Like most, I was somewhat perplexed to learn that Schumacher was wearing a helmet and yet sustained such a serious injury. Sadly--and as per usual--only the NY Times made the effort to write a halfway decent article explaining that brain injuries have increased at almost the same rate as helmet use. Incredible, right? It turns out that helmets aren't particularly effective at abating hard impacts, and in many cases give wearers a false sense of security. The glorification of extreme sports has led people--predominantly men from their teens to mid 30's--to increase risk taking and consequently get injured and killed more often despite helmet use approaching 70% in many resorts.

Technology has a long way to go before it can compensate for human nature.

by Christopher Heiser on December 31 16:45
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