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It's amazing how life can change around you. I have had so little time to check in here, it makes me nostalgic for bloggier times.

But anyway. Some fun links.

It turns out that the alcohol you drink has a correlation with who you vote for and how likely you are to vote, or at least that's what some marketing person thinks.

Obvious to those who know me, I'm a big fan of green technology in racing. However, I find Jacques Villeneuve's critique of the 2014 F1 regs to be somewhat compelling. While I understand why OEMs and brands want to market this technology, one wonders if new series like Formula E will ultimately be more successful in 10 years because they don't have the history of F1 to deal with.

Along the same vein, Gary Anderson had a brilliant answer to this question:

"Is F1 getting too slow?"
@chris_burns79, via Twitter

Yes. F1 needs to be the pinnacle of motorsport and completely untouchable by any other series. It should only have the best drivers in the world and the cars should be monsters to drive. If any driver gets out of a car after a race and says the car was fantastic and a pleasure to drive (as many do now) then we have got it wrong.

For me, this gets to the heart of what's missing for me in F1. When I watch old videos--even as recent as the mid-90s--you see the drivers fighting the cars every step of the way. That magic is gone, and it will take strong leadership from the F1 community to find a way to bring it back.

by Christopher Heiser on February 14 20:36
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