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Date Published: July 8th, 2002
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McLaren Disaster Blamed on German, French

Anyone watching the GP yesterday must have been impressed at the incompetence of the McLaren team as their pitstop strategy, which could loosely be described as suicidal, ruined both of their drivers' chances of finishing in the top three. It was revealed today that much of the confusion was the fact that the team was sharing radio frequencies with French and German TV crews which had the unfortunate (if not hilarious) effect of not only putting the broadcast in the ears of the drivers and crew, but the comments of the former on the TV airwaves:

David explained to the Sun and when asked if he was worried about his swearing being heard on the TV station causing the interference, his simple answer was.... "I don't give a f*** if it was."

I hate to see my team do so poorly, but what the hell are those pit signs for anyway? They should have just turned off the radios and dealt with it. Pretty disappointing.

by Christopher Heiser on July 8 11:05
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