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Date Published: July 15th, 2002
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Carpentier Wins!

The Grand Prix of Cleveland saw Patrick Carpentier's second career win and a 1-5 finish for the Player's Forsythe team. An early retirement by Da Matta paved the way to Carpentier's victory despite substantial electrical difficulties which saw his steering wheel displays and traction control cycle on and off throughout the race. But steady driving (with a heart-stopping near spin on the penultimate lap) and great pit work ensured that Patrick finished over 15 seconds ahead of second place Michael Andretti. This win moves Carpentier to a tie for fourth place in the championship. Alex Tagliani's solid fifth place also added to the great work of the Player's team. To all the team, and especially one Alex Timmermans, congrats!

by Christopher Heiser on July 15 01:13
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