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Date Published: July 21st, 2002
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Formula One Rumors

With the 'silly season' in full swing, there are some great rumors running around the paddock. Let's summarize them for posterity's sake:

  • Jordan are losing their Honda engine deal. They will use Cosworth engines for a single year, and will then enjoy a works deal with Toyota.
  • Jenson Button will lose his seat at Renault to test driver Fernando Alonso. Both Alonso and Jarno Trulli are managed by team leader Flavio Briatore. Button has been linked with Toyota or Jaguar for next year.
  • Speaking of which, Eddie Irvine is almost definitely not with Jaguar for another season. Most believe he will move to Jordan for a swansong year, replacing Takuma Sato who will be jettesoned when Jordan lose their current motors (see above).
  • Will David Couthard still be with McLaren next year? There is much speculation that he will not, but it's highly unlikely that he will be replaced by Alexander Wurtz, the current test driver. Will Mika Hakkinen return to fill the slot for an all-Finn team? Will McLaren take on another young driver (like Nick Heidfeld, or even Felipe Massa) instead? Or maybe the venerable Coulthard will still be around.
  • Champcar star and current series leader Cristano DaMatta has tested for Toyota this year, and the Japanese car company are very keen on his skills. Will he make the move to F1, or stay with a formula in which he is dominant?

Okay, the French GP is in the parade lap right now. Time for some racing. Oh my lord, Barrichello's car is dead on the grid again. There is no conspiracy....

by Christopher Heiser on July 21 05:00
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