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Date Published: September 8th, 2002
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More on Microsoft Bugs

I've been scanning the newswire to see if there are any updates to the latest Microsoft security flaw. In the process, I've run across articles that talk about two-year-old bugs than can be exploited to completely destroy your Windows 98, 2000, or XP machine. Wonderful! I think the legislation regarding liability for code that recklessly endangers your intellectual property should be revisited. Said one member:

"Their patching tiny pinprick holes and not the overall problems, their mitigating factors, their ignoring small demonstrated flaws, all add up into a monster problem, which basically stinks." His advice to Microsoft: "Instead of sitting around trying to thinking up ways that all these [exploits] cannot work, simply fix it the first time round. There is no such thing as 'mitigating factors' and 'hurdles'. This is a lie. Pure fantasy. Fiction. Fix it when you can! For every way you think it cannot be done, there are 10 ways it actually can!"

Is anyone listening? My poor h4X0r3d laptop hopes so.

by Christopher Heiser on September 8 14:25
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