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Date Published: June 19th, 2005
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Hard To Believe F1 Could Be So Stupid

What gets me is that Mosley and the FIA go on and on about 151.c as a means to change whatever rule they want to in the name of safety--including technical regs that they don't understand--but refuse to compromise at a race where the tyres are unsafe? To suggest that the Michelin runners simply drive slowly through the banking is insane. Drivers and fans would be put at deadly risk.

Mosely should resign immediately. Ecclestone should personally refund the tickets, airfare, and PTO to all the fans. And I want my Sunday afternoon back.

UPDATE: Here's a blurb from the joint press release by Michelin and the seven teams who use their tyres:

After final data from Michelin became available at 06.30 on Sunday morning it became clear that Michelin were not able to guarantee the safety of the drivers. Numerous discussions and meetings took place to find a safe solution to the problem. Every possibility for the race to go ahead in a safe manner was explored. The only practical solution was for a chicane to be installed prior to Turn 13 and nine of the teams were prepared to run under these conditions even forgoing championship points or by allowing non-Michelin teams to take top positions on the grid.

Unfortunately all proposals were rejected by the FIA.

Infuriating. Squarely on the shoulders of Mosley and Ferrari, now. Have they forgotten that today's F1 exists because of the fans?

by Christopher Heiser on June 19 20:07
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